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Member Testimonials:

I love getting information and having a great resource when I need it, and I really enjoy the members and the workshops when I can attend."

I appreciate and value the time and effort that the HAV executive has given to support the membership. Keep up the good work

 it is always a pleasure to spend time with HAV members. It releases some stress and helps to find solutions to our problems

 HAV is great for newer members to the field.”

With regards to the Mentorship Program:
"Being paired with an HAV mentor was a long-awaited and welcome opportunity. Having completedVolunteer Management I, but waiting for II and III to be offered, I was happy to have my mentor Jen, a knowledgable and experienced Manager of Volunteers, to turn to when I had questions.
One afternoon, my mentor cleared her schedule and dedicated her uninterrupted attention to somebigger picture and systems topics I had been thinking about. The afternoon began with a tour of her workplace, which provided wonderful ideas about creating a physical volunteer space. When it came to my questions about efficient systems and planning, she offered me templates that she had created herself,  in addition to solid advice about aligning the volunteer services program with my organization's mission. Jen has beenextremely approachable and has always made herself available.
The HAV mentorship is extemely helpful to mentees with little experience in the field. To a mentee whose  professional development budget is limited, the experience is even more invaluable. A HAV mentor is like having a personal trainer in volunteer management; it is also a short-cut (in the very best sense of the term) to effectively managing the myriad of tasks that volunteer management involves,  taking out some of the guess work and helping to avoid the pitfalls  There is no substitute for mentorship!
I am very grateful for the opportunity. Thank you, Jen! Thank you HAV!"

 “Shelley Harrison has been an amazing support to me over the past year. Although our time has been limited (due to my crazy schedule and dual role) the insight she has shared with me has been invaluable. Relatively new to Volunteer Management, I wrote down every question I could think of for Shelley. She answered each in detail, with best practices, and even shared examples of forms she uses. I have adopted much of what she does at Ronald McDonald House to Volunteer Services here at Banyan. Having a much smaller volunteer program at Banyan, I see Shelley’s Volunteer Program as an inspiration and have set goals to mirror her best practices.

Shelley is very approachable, kind, and I definitely plan to seek her advice in the future once Banyan’s volunteer program expands.
Thank you Shelley, for being a great mentor!”

HAV Member Bursary Testimonial:
"This Spring I had the pleasure of attending the PAVR-O, LIVE 2014 Conference in Niagara Falls. I owe a special thanks to both my employer and the HAV Membership Bursary for their financial support in making this experience possible. If you are an HAV member who has thought twice about attending a special educational/professional event due to financial circumstances I respectfully implore you to think about applying for funds through the HAV Bursary. These funds exist to help members like you and me continue to grow and develop our skills despite our financial situations. So the next time your finances interfere in your decision to attend workshop or professional experience please think about the HAV Bursary and how many other members have benefited from using this bursary to grow personally and professionally."