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What We Offer / Membership

We have a new membership application form.  In order to provide you learning and networking opportunities relevant to your volunteer engagement role in 2016/17, the membership application form has been expanded with questions about your educational and employment background, your volunteer management role and your preferences for professional development.
The annual fee remains the same at $45 (or $25 for students, retired members or members seeking employment) and benefits of membership include:
  • Free education opportunities that tap into the expertise of our members i.e. Share & Learns
  • Seminars and workshops for a low members-only fee
  • Learning and networking events such as the Festive Luncheon, Socials and Annual General Meeting
  • An educational bursary to support members in their pursuit of professional excellence
  • A mentorship program that benefits both the mentor/mentee
  • Professional and personal development through networking
  • Access to a wealth of knowledge among a varied and diverse member base
  • Opportunities and information on our website: www.hamiltonadministratorsofvolunteers.com
Your name, organization and where you can be contacted Monday thru Friday during normal business hours will appear on the membership list.  If you are a student, retired or seeking work, the membership list will only include your e-mail address unless you specify otherwise. The HAV membership list or the website cannot be used for volunteer recruitment or fund raising.

Professional Development
Our commitment to you. Enjoy educational and networking opportunities with your peers. Learn about specific issues and share strategies. The HAV liaises with Mohawk College, Volunteer Hamilton, Professional Association of Volunteer Leaders – Ontario (PAVRO), Canadian Adminstrators of Volunteer Resources (CAVR) and Association for Volunteer Administration (AVA).      Learn more about professional development opportunities

Education Bursary
To support members in their pursuit of professional excellence, the Hamilton Administrators of Volunteers (HAV) Education Bursary provides financial assistance to members to defray the cost of attending educational conferences & workshops. The HAV Executive establishes the amount of financial assistance available in the annual budget.    Learn More About Our Bursary

An opportunity to learn. The Executive Directors and their committees help make the HAV an efffective professional organization. Become a committee member and develop your leadership skills.   Check back for updated position descriptions!


  General - A person employed in a position, responsible for the administration of volunteers. A general member shall have full voting priviledges  and shall be entitled to all the privileges associated with membership of the HAV. ($45.00 / year)   Membership Application Form 

 Student, Retired or Seeking Employment - A person who is currently enrolled in studies as designated by the Executive, or has retired, or is looking for work. Such members shall have full voting privileges and shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of membership. ($25.00/year)  Membership Application Form.

  Honorary - A person who has made an outstanding contribution to HAV. The individual shall be nominated from the membership, and voted          upon at an Annual General Meeting. An Honorary member is a lifetime member with voting priviledges and shall be entitled to all other priviledges  associated with membership of the HAV.