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Mission Statement
The Hamilton Administrators of Volunteers (HAV) is committed to developing, promoting and supporting professional excellence among those individuals empowered with the management of volunteers.

Goals and Objectives
To promote the profession of Volunteer Management.
To ensure that educational and professional development opportunities meet the identified needs of our members.
To encourage and provide opportunities for networking.

The Regional Association of Coordinators of Volunteers was launched in 1972, when the need arose for greater networking and education opportunities within the management of volunteers. In 2001, the Regional Association of Coordinators of Volunteers changed the name to Hamilton Adminstrators of Volunteers, reflecting the growth of the profession in our community and within the volunteer sector.

Our Executive for 2018- 2019 

President:   Marija Kupina
Vice President   Vacant
Secretary:   Kim Dungavel
Treasurer:   Paula Jones
General Member Representative:   Kaylee Norwood
General Member Representative:   Denise Rowse 
 Past President:  Sam Chivers
Web Site Volunteer:   Anne Hogan

Hamilton Administrators of Volunteers,
762 Upper James, Suite #183, Hamilton, ON L9C 3A2 Canada